Why Sponsor AZCREW?

When you sponsor AZCREW, you are directly supporting the advancement of women in commercial real estate, while influencing the growth and success of the Arizona CRE industry as a whole.

Sponsorship Benefits

AZCREW is proud to offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities, all of which allow you and your organization the freedom to choose how you’ll spend your marketing dollars. Choose from benefits like a golf foursome, a program sponsorship, or even an AZCREW event registration.

AZCREW sponsorship provides ongoing visibility to our members and guests throughout the sponsorship year. As our chapter membership continues to grow, so do the benefits of your sponsorship! The earlier your sponsorship is finalized, the more recognition and exposure your organization can receive throughout the year.

Potential Sponsorship Exposure 

AZCREW averages over 165 member professionals representing a variety of different disciplines of the Arizona commercial real estate industry.

  • Elite Sponsorship - Recognition for sponsors who have supported AZCREW for three consecutive years at the Platinum level
  • Platinum Sponsor - $3,700: Exclusive by industry! We will accept one sponsor in each industry on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Gold Sponsor - $2,600
  • Silver Sponsor - $1,500
  • Bronze Sponsor (Sole Proprietor) - $950
  • Annual Media Sponsor - In Kind
  • ‚ÄčProgram Sponsorships: Virtual and In-Person
  • Special Event Sponsor - Varies

Please contact Liz Paquette, lizpaquette@sonpmc.com or AZCREW Administrator, AZAdmin@arizonacrew.org with any questions.

Sponsorship Letter

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